Using PopOS

One of my earliest favorite distros actually is Linux Regolith. It's a modified i3 with minimalist UI and prioritize user productivity. Unfortunately, after buying a new laptop. I couldn't use it as my everyday workstation anymore (at least of Aug 13, 2023). Installation were fine but somehowm some times later on, my laptop just randomly shutdown and laggy.

Since then, I decided to move back to PopOS, it's not my favorite one but it works. Most of the drivers and configurations are by default like GPU, Keyboard functions, and other stuff work great out of the box. Despite all those annonying clutter UI. Top bar and application top bar look like a mess consuming all the potential space.

But several gnome extensions do the trick:

  1. Blur my shell
  2. Hide Top Bar
  3. Unite

Another reason for coming back to PopOS is its tiling and stacking windows work really great. (I wish it more like Linux regolith, to be honest, it's so much better when switching to virtual desktop).

Anyway here are some other gnome extensions that I like:

  1. Clipboard Indicator
  2. Emoji Selector

Everyday tools:

  1. Vscode: light weight code editor
  2. Jetbrains IntelliJ + Jetbrains Webstorm: For my work Java related-projects and angular projects.
  3. Flameshot: for screenshot
  4. Obsidian: personal note taking.
  5. Spotify: listen to music

More will be added soon.

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