Nonwiz's iteration

I felt a bit embarrassed going through the earlier iterations. But I think this will be good memories for my future self.

First iteration:

I always want to have a cool sounding pseudonym, my gf suggested me to use "chanrose" (sounds a bit cheesy but i don't mind at the time).

Can browse the first iteration: here

First personal page

Second iteration

I was inspired a lot by avanier during my studies, and also like to recognize Wes bos for 30 days JS challenges (I never expected to understand so many concepts).

Browse here

Second personal page

Third iteration

At the time, I became a job hunting, I prepared a new iteration. And yeahh, I managed to find a new pseudonym "NonWiz" (supposed to mean Not Wise) got it from avanier as well.

Check it out here

third iteration


Currently, this site is fourth iteration of the above.

Current URL: /posts/nonwizs-iteration/

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