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I've seen many library that help converting JSON to CSV format. But most of the times, there are errors (missing properties, fields, etc...). It is understandable in case when there's many types of format that is contained in JSON "Like Array and objects". JsonHero is one inspiration to help viewers traverse the entries easily as well as pretty-format the value.

Planned features

  1. Allow user to input JSON file or paste
  2. Render the input JSON into table format
  3. Prompt users to the columns that they want to see ("Allow user to search for column properties")
  4. Allow filtering and hiding column format
  5. Pretty format the value appropriately (Datetime, image, currency?)
  6. Allow users to add prefix or suffix in case of currency...
  7. Allow users to export the table format into other format like CSV
  8. Allow users to select how the nested objects array suppose to be rendering.

More to be added...

Have some other suggestions and idea? Feel free to contact me to add more.

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